At our DLF Cargo Packers and Movers services we take complete care and responsibilities of providing and moving. We also provide the full procuring and insurance for the goods and things of shipments on the behalf of our services needy and customers. We help the needy person and families to relocate their house from one to another place in the city as well as international. We charge well but the motive of taking charge of getting your goods insured is to relieve you from the added responsibility of the tiring paperwork while you plan to shift or relocate from one location to another.
Our services gives you the benefits to shift and move easily and our insurance service is insured your goods for your satisfaction that you need to. Our services gives you the benefits to esteemed customers. These services managed by our talented and experienced employees. They work with diligence and accuracy. We tied with the leading insurance companies.

We take the full responsibilities of the goods and products of yours. Your packed goods our responsibility. We take care of them and that is why insured them very well with the leading insurance companies. Your insurance is valuable and good. Your goods will get the special care by us and in case something happened wrong with your goods, suppose some has been broken or something might be lost then insurance will be recoverd by you. You will get the full recovery amount for them.
Insurance will be claimed in case of damage goods and for lost as well. this is advised so that you get can recovered cost of your goods if there is any damage to your stuff during shifting process. Other insurance offered is the comprehensive insurance which is a kind of overall insurance of your valuable goods. Storage insurance is a type of insurance facility that is mainly aimed to compensate for the losses occurred to your goods while they are stored in our warehouses.

We are efficient Movers and Packers and offer our services which are cost effective.Our insurance services give you the best services that ensure safety of your goods. All this is done in the closer strict accordance to the clients’ insurance requirements. Beyond these high end insurance, we also undertake insurance documentation in very precise and comfortable manner.These include the following advantages:

  • Comprehensively insured possession.
  • Policies underwritten by major insurers.
  • Professional policy documents.
  • Professionally handled and promptly settled Claims.
  • Claims are settled directly with the insurer.

Therefore, avoid to moviers and packing tentions. I must suggest you take the insurance of goods. We provide you the best insurance plans with the leading companies around the world. We help to transport your packing from one place to others even from one to other countries as well. This ensures that the pressure is taken out of the minds of people in terms of your apprehensions; so that you are able to concentrate on other important aspects pertaining to relocation. We provide insurance coverage for all packing and moving items to be relocated. Our prime concern is to make you stress free and deliver your goods in time without any damage. If any damage to your items occurred due to natural calamity or accidental occurrence, DLF Cargo Packers and Moversprovide insurance coverage. We arrange for insurance cover for your consignments, this will save your precious time as well as ensure to repay the costin case you lose your goods in accidents or any other unexpected contingencies. We also assist our clients with the insurance paper work and make them relaxed and stress free from the worries of shifting.

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